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Little Maestros

Little Maestros Early Childhood Music Classes

Description: Misty Ralphs' early childhood music class is a 15 week parent and child course designed to provide children a rich musical environment in which they can explore music. The focus of Mrs. Misty's early childhood music course is to provide children (from birth to 23 months) quality experiences that will nurture their musical development and provide them with the readiness needed for later music instruction.  Some children will be active participants, while others will prefer to watch and absorb.  All classes will include songs, chants, movement, and instrument exploration.  Many of the songs and chants performed in class will be without words to allow children to focus on musical content rather than language content. We will be sitting on the floor, so parents should dress comfortably. 

Philosophy: Mrs. Misty believes that music is learned in much the same way that language is learned.  Just as children learn to speak from being in a rich, language-filled environment, children become musical through exposure to a rich, music-filled environment.  Like language acquisition, musical development occurs sequentially, moving through stages of listening, vocal exploration, and music babble, which eventually lead to beat competency and accurate singing.

Price: The 15 week course is $140 per child or four payments of $35. Siblings are $40.00 for each additional child or four payments of $10. 

Location:  613 Canal St. in Chubbuck. Mrs. Misty's garage is converted into a classroom, which is where she teaches her classes.


The Summer 2016 Little Maestros class is full. I will begin registration for the Fall 2016 class in July.

Fall 2016 Little Maestros class will be held on Mondays from 1:00-1:30